Change Pass
Version Information
Version 44
1)Add Carting GST Tax In Customer
2)Add Effect Carting GST In Carting Bill
3)Add Vehicle Wise Filtration In Diesel Out Carting Wise Report
4)Module And Action Wise Filtration In Audit Report
5)Vehicle Wise Filtration In Transport Report
6)Add New Find Wrong Time Report
7)Add List Page of Pending Payment Entry
8)Not Pending Payment Entry In Generate Bill List Page
9)Add New Quantity, Rate And Amount In Diesel Report
10)Add New Report 3B Report For GST
11)Display Comma In Amount In Bank Report
12)Display Comma In Amount In Cash Book Report
13)Add New Report Purchase Month Wise Summary
14)Add New Dashboard Control Month wise Item Sale
15)Add New Dashboard Control Month wise Item Purchase
16)Vehicle No Wise Filtration In Vehicle List
17)Add Bill No In Opening Balance In Customer
18)Add Effect of Opening Balance In CashBook/ChequeBook Entry
19)Do Not Delete Opening Balance Entry If Get Against Amount In CashBook/ChequeBook Entry
20)Vehicle No Wise Filtration Diesel List
21)DisPlay Royalty Amount And Round Off Amount Based On Setting In Billing Report
22)Display Only Against Entry In Cashbook Report
23)GST No wise Filtration In Customer List
24)Display Supplier Net Wt Based On Setting In Crusher Report
25)Display Voucher No In ChequeBook List
26)Display Statement of Customer In Generate Bill List and Edit Page
27)Display DC No In Royalty Bill Print
28)Add New Module Designation Master
29)Add Designation Master In Employee Entry
30)Auto Entry of Cashbook In Deposite Royalty
Version 43
1)Display Supplier Wise Summary Based on checkbox In Purchase Gooods Report
2)Add New SMS Panel
3)Display Stock Based On Setting In Diesel Out Entry
4)Royalty Name compulsory In Sale Entry Based On Setting
5)Add Credit Type Royalty Bill Effect In CashBook Entry
6)Get Payment Against Bill Do not Delete And Change Royalty Bill And Sale Entry
7)Royalty Bill Delete Than Auto Generate Cashbook Entry Delete
8)Sale Out Entry Delete Than Auto Generate Cashbook Entry Delete
9)Time Wise Filtration In Vehicle Wise Side Transfer
10)Display average per hour Based on Hour Type Vehicle In Vehicle Report
11)Allow Minus Stock In Deposit Royalty Module
12)Display Customer GST No and Item or Site Name Display checkbox Wise In Quotation
13)Add PAN No and Adhar card No In Employee
14)Driver Name and Licence No Auto Bind On Vehicle No In Purchase Entry
15)GST No, PAN No and Adhar card No In Contractor
Version 42.1
1)Add New Proof of Delivery Report
2)Display Proof Detail In Dispatch Detail Report
3)Display Prefix Wise In Billing Report
4)Display Item Name In Purchase In And Out List Page
5)Display Pending Sale Out List In Create Time Sale Out Page
Version 42
1)Add Vehicle Royalty Weight And Vehicle Type In Vehicle Tare Weight Module
2)Display Royalty Weight Based On Vehicle Tare Weight Module In Sale
3)Add New Update Carting Rate Report
4)Display Required Fields Based on Checkboxlist In Dispatch Detail Report
5)Do not Delete Expense Category If Its Use In Ledger or Sub Expense Category
6)Modification In Daily Book Report
7)Add New Type Manual Bill With Carting In Manual Bill
8)Display Royalty Weight In Vehicle Tare Weight List
9)Display Item And Item Wise Filtration In Purchase Date wise Summary Report
10)Replace png to PDF File of Quotation Send Via Mail
11)Display Sum of Quantity In Carting Diesel Report
12)Display Driver Name In Diesel Report
13)Use API for Diesel Kilometer Based On Setting
Version 41
1)Bind Tare Wt In Sale Based On Setting
2)Not Duplicate Royalty Pass No Based on Setting
3)Add Driver Name In Diesel In Entry
4)Display Amount In Diesel Out Based On Setting
5)Add New Type Manual Bill With Carting In Manual Bill
6)Amount Wise Filtration In CashBook List, ChequeBook List And Contra List
7)Add Submit And Next Button In Purchase Item Master
8)Add Royalty UserName, Royalty Password And Mobile No In Lease Master
9)Add New Module Get XML File For Royalty
10)Add Voucher No of Credit/Debit Note Based On Manage Chalan No
11)Increase Image Resolution In Sale, Purchase And Side Transfer
12)Display Supplier Net weight Based on checkbox In Purchase Daily Report
13)Add New Consignment Print of JayambeMines
Version 40
1)Bind Item Purchaser Wise In Purchase Module Setting Base
2)Not Set Advance Payment And Customer Limit Both In One Customer
3)Add Credit Note/Debit Note Print
4)Display Driver MobileNo In Sale Out Pages Based On Setting
5)Add Effect of Employee In Ledger Report
6)Add New Vehicle Wise Summary Report
7)Display Item Name In Order Management Dashboard control
Version 39.1
1)Add New Report Trial Balance Detail Report
2)Display 2 or 3 Decimal Point Based On setting In Bill
3)Sale and Purchase Wise Filtration In On Account Entry Report
4)Display Royalty Ton In Sales Report Based On checkbox
5)Add GST Tax Item Wise In Vendor PO
6)Add New Return Material Print
7)Item Wise Filtration In Sales Report
Version 39
1)Add Customer Login Module
2)Display Submit & Next Button In Direct Sale Based On Setting
3)Add New Module Customer Priority
4)Display Customer priority Wise In Daily Report
5)Add New On Account Entry Report
6)Do Not Delete More Than 10 Entry Same Time
7)Add New SMS Format With Narration
8)Display Send Mail as PDF Format of Report
9)Display Material Slip No In Sales Report Based On checkbox
10)Display All Vehicle Diesel Summary In Vehicle Report
11)Do not Less Quantity Of Dispatch Order In Order Management
12)Add New Report Dispatch Detail Report of Customer Login
13)Add New Report Sales Report of Customer Login
14)Add New Report Billing Report of Customer Login
15)Add New Report Ledger Detail Report of Customer Login
16)Add New Dashboard Item Wise Sales of Customer Login
17)Add Order Management Module of Customer Login
Version 38
1)Add New Report Party Wise OutStanding Report
2)Add Delete Entry Lease, Carting Agent,User,Order Management,Opening Balance, Item, Customer, Deposite Royalty In Audit
3)Time Wise filtration In Daily Report
4)Display Customer and Site Address In Material Bill Based on Setting
Version 37
1)Add New Report Month Wise Item Summary Report
2)Add Effect of Employee In Balance Sheet Report, Profit And Loss Report and Trial Balance Report
3)Do Not Delete Bank If Use In other Entry
4)Do Not Delete Employee If Use In other Entry
5)Do Not Entry of Duplicate Employee Salary Management
6)Display Delivery Chalan No In Royalty Bill List
7)Company And User Wise Purchase Dashboard Control
8)Not Allow Grater Received Amount of Bill Amount In Cashbook And ChequeBook
9)Not Delete Store Bill If Its Payment Allready Exists
10)Discount And GST Tax Item Wise In Store In
11)Add Diesel Out Vertical Print Based On Setting
Version 36
1)Display Quantity In Sales Register Report
2)Display Remarks In Manual bill
3)Crusher, Loader, Carting Agent,Material Slip No,Dc No, Work Order No Not Display Field In Sale.
4)Carting Agent and Loader Not Display Field In Purchase
5)Add Invoice Customer In Carting Bill
Version 35.1
1)Display Amount In Customer Wise Billing Statement
2)Display columns Based on checkboxlist In Billing Report
3)Add New Account Configuration Letter
4)Send Mail Depends on Own Mail ID
Version 35.0
1)Add Contractor Wise Purchase Dashboard Control
2)Add New Type None In Carting Bill
3)Display Invoice No In Customer Wise Billing Statement
4)Display Signature In Bill
5)Do not Entry of Duplicate Invoice No In financial Year
Version 34.0
1)Display GST No in Customer List
2)HSN Wise Summary Report
3)Add GST Tax In Sales Report With Royalty
4)0 Balance Ledger Display Based on Checkbox In Ledger Report
5)Add New Report Bill OutStanding Aging Report
6)Royalty Pass No Wise filtration In Royalty Bill List
7)Display Invoice Date In Carting Bill
8)Customer And Vehicle Wise filtration In All Carting Agent Report
Version 33.0
1)Display E-Mail Address In Customer List
2)Display GST Tax In Customer Wise Billing Statement Report
3)Add GST Tax in Store Bill
4)Add New Report GSTR Report For Sale
5)Add New Report GSTR Report For Purchase
6)Add Customer Based GST Tax or Other In Carting Bill
Version 32.0
1)Add New Report Item Wise Minimum Maximum Stock Summary Report
2)Display HSN Code In Other Manual Bill
3)Display PO Number In Manual Bill
4)Import Entry of Customer With Opening Balance
5)Allow Customer Name And Address In Direct Bill Based on Setting
6)Company Wise Filteration In Customer And Site Wise Carting Rate Analysis Report
Version 31.0
1)Display Vat,Add Vat,CST Based On CheckBox In Billing Report
2)Add New Report Purchase Bill Detail Report
3)Display Carting Notification In Carting Bill
4)Add Barrier Wise Sales Entry
5)Add ItemCode and Maximum Quantity In Purchase Item
Version 30.0
1) Display GST No and Tin No Based On CheckBox In Billing Report
2)Add GST Effect In Carting Bill
Version 29.1
1) Add GST effect In Billing Report>
2)Add Tin No in Update Customer Report>
Version 29
1)Add Effect of GST in Manual Bill
Version 28
1)Display GST No and HSN Code In Delivery Chalan Print
2)Add New Type Cash or Credit In Sale Entry
3)Display Bill of Customer Name In Delivery Chalan Print Based on Credit or Cash
4)Add Effect of GST in Generate Bill and Generate Bulk Bill
5)Add Narration In Side Transfer Module
6)Display Narration In Side Transfer Report
8)Add New Report Customer And Site Wise Carting Analysis Report
Version 27
1)Add HSN Code In Item Master
2)Add GST No And GST State Code In Lease Master
3)Add GST State Code In Customer Master
4)Add GST Tax Effect In Royalty Bill
5)Display HSN Code, State,GST State Code and GST No In Royalty Bill Print
6)Split Entry of Overloading Purchase Entry Based on Setting
7)SMS Reminder/ Email Reminder Based on Vehicle Service
8)Display Store Out and Vehicle Hour Data In Vehicle Report
Version 26
1)Display Trip Based on checkbox In Daily Report and Daily Report Format 2
2)Add GST Tax In Customer Master
3)Company Name,From Date and To Date Wise filtration In Meter Usage List
4)Add New Customer Update Report
5)Add Unit Type Master Module
6)Add Unit Type Measurement In Vehicle Master
7)Add View of Vehicle Master Detail And Document
8)AutoComplete Vehicle No In Store Out
9)Add Unit Type and Quantity In Vehicle Hour Master
Version 25
1)Add New Print Format In Customer Wise Billing Statement Report
2)Add Narration In Diesel Out
3)Display Narration In Diesel Report
4)Display Vehicle No In Royalty Bill List
5)Split Entry of Overloading Sale Entry Based on Setting
Version 24
1)DisplayOutstanding In Material Invoice Print Based on Setting
2)Add New Module Transport Bill
3)Display Royalty Pass No and Item Name in Royalty Bill List
4)Display Royalty Amount Based on Include or Exclude In Customer Wise Billing Statement
5)Display Item Name In Sale Out Pending List
6)Add New Report Customer and Item Wise Average Rate Report
7)Vehicle No wise Filtration In Dispatch Detail Report
8)Display Royalty Wise Stock In F2 Form Report
Version 23.1
1)Company Wise Filtration In Stock Statement of Store Report And Stock Statement Store Report Format 2
2)Utility compulsory In Store Out
3)Vendor And PO Code Wise Filtration In Vendor PO List
4)Invoice Send As PDF Submit Bill Based on Setting
Version 23
1)Display Grand Total In Stock Statement of Store Report
2)Display only Bill Wise Entry In Machine History Report Based On checkbox
3)Add Single Consignment Print
4)Display 0 Net Weight Detail summary In Daily Report based on Checkbox
5)Add Time And Lease In Auto Purchase Entry Setting
6)Bind Item After Store Selection In Store Out
7)Display Item Wise Summary In Royalty Diffrence Report
8)Display All Fields Based on Selection In Purchase Goods Report
9)Display Royalty Weight In Customer Wise Billing Statement Report Based On Checkbox
Version 22
1)Group Wise Filtration In Daily Report, Ledger Report, Payment Due Report and Billing Report
2)Trip Wise Billing Statement
3)Generate Barcode In Sale Out Print
Version 21.2
1)Upload Vehicle Document Image In Vehicle Master
2)Add New Consignment Note Format
3)Add Print Option In Update Material Rate Report
Version 21.1
1)Add User Wise Rights Report In Audit Group
2)Select One Utility And Plant In Maintanance Log Sheet Entry
3)Compnay And DOC No Wise Filtration In Maintanance Log Sheet List Page
4)Lease Name And Address Visible In Sale Out Print Based on Setting
5)Add SMS Balance Dashboard Control
Version 21.0
1)Add New Row And Book No Unique In Store Out
2)Add Plant And Bind Utility Based On Plant In Secondary Crusher
3)Credit/Debit Column In Ledger Report
4)If User Without Edit Then Don't Update Entry In Report
5)Company And Supplier Wise filtration In Update Diesel Rate Report
6)Export To Excel In Quotation List
7)Amount Word In CashBook, ChequeBook and Contra Entry Page
8)Display Company Address In Royalty Bill
9)Lease Master Address In Royalty Group Report
Version 20.0
1) Add Auto Searchable Textbox for District & District wise Filtration in Payment Due Report and Billing Report
2) Vehicle Type Wise filtration in Dispatch Detail Report
3) Add SSP No Comma Seperated in Sale Entry
4) Show Store Out and Maintanance Log Sheet detail on pop up of Bill No/Issue No in Machine History Report
5) Manage Bill Wise Maintanance Log Sheet - if checkbox of bill wise tick then add Bill No, Repairer & Maintanance Charge
Version 19.0.0
1)Display all Pending Task In Task Status Report
2)Royalty Name Wise filtration in Dispatch Detail Report And Royalty Difference Report
3)Carting Agent Column Display Based On Flag Wise in Dispatch Report
4)Lease Wise filtration In Dispatch Detail Report,Dispatch Report And Material Issue Report
5)Lease Wise filtration In All Royalty Group Report
6)Company Wise filtration In Sales Item And Carting Wise Summary Report
7)Mobile No Display In Customer List
8)Display Summary In Crusher Summary Report
9)Display Summary In Stock Statement of Store Report Format 2
10)Add New Report Machine History Report
11)Add New Report Diesel Stock Summary Report
12)Add New Report Plant And Utility Wise Summary Report
13)Bind Driver Name And Licence No Based on Last Entry of Vehicle No In Sale Entry Pages
14)Add New Report Customer Site Wise Vehicle Summary Report
15)Add New Report Customer Wise Carting Summary Report
Version 18.0.0
1)Add New Module Auto Purchase Entry Setting
2)Add New Module Broker
3)Add New Module Assign Broker To Customer
4)Add New Report Vendor PO Report
5)Add New Report Issue Register Of Store Report Format 2
6)Add New Report Broker Wise Sales Report
7)Add Auto Weight In Direct Sale & Direct Purchase
8)Add new Functionality If Cash Customer Is Based On Fix Amount Then Calculate Rate Based On Amount
9)Add Custom Paging In List Pages
Version 17.0.0
1) Add New 3 Webbridge.
2) Add New Report Task Status Report With Users.
3) Add New Report Return Monitoring Report.
4) Display Carting Summary In Sales Report.
Version 16.0.0
1) Bug Fixing.
2) Add New Module Task Type.
3) Add Simple Task & Renewal Task Dashboard Control & File Upload Option.
4) Add New Task Status Report.
5) Select GRN Option in Store Bill Creation Time.
6) Create New Report Credit Debit Entry Of Ledger Report.
7) Quotation Mail Option With More Then One CC Option.
8) Plant Group Report Company Rights Wise.
Version 15.0.0
1) Add GRN Location Master Module
Version 14.0.0
1) Add GRN Location Master Module
2) Create New GRN Location Module
3) Add Option To Select GRN At The Creation of Store Bill
4) Add Multiple Quotation Print Option & Send Mail Option
5) Task Management Module Change (Working with Date & Status Wise)
6) Add Option to Manual Trip Wise Bill Print Summary Wise
Version 13.0.0
1)Sale Group-> Add SSP No Filed in Sale Module Setting Base
2)Purchase Group-> Add SSP No Filed in Purchase Module Setting Base
3)Royalty Group-> Add New Report -> Sale Summary Report With Ssp No
4)Royalty Group-> Add New Report -> Purchase Summary Report With Ssp No
Version 12.0.0
1)Sale Group-> New Module -> Deposit Royalty
2)Sale Group-> New Module -> Customer Wise Weight
3)Master Group-> New Module ->Camera Setting
4)Purchase Group -> Report -> B Form Report
5)Inventory Group -> Report -> Stock Statement Of Store Report Format 2
6)Purchase Group -> Report -> Purchase Royalty Report
7)Purchase Group ->Report -> Purchase Report With Summary
8)Dashboard Control->New Dashboard Control ->Roylty Stock
9)Display Royalty Rate Bifurcation in Billing Module
10)Modification in Quotation Regarding Carting Quotation
Version 11.1.1
1)Sale Group->New Dashboard Control ->Item Wise Sales
2)Add Trip In Purchase Carting Dashboard Control
3)Add Trip In Carting Dashboard Control
Version 11.0.0
1)Utility Group -> New Module -> Task Management
2)Send Sms in Diesel Entry
3)Utility Group->New Dashboard Control ->Task Management
4)Utility Group->New Dashboard Control ->Task - Reported By Me
Version 10.0.0
1) Plant Group -> New Dashboard Control -> Cash Sale Customer
2) Sales Group -> New Module -> Customer Limit
3) Add driver commission functionality for cash sales customer
Version 9.0.0
1) Plant Group -> New Module -> Designation Master
2) Plant Group -> New Module -> Maintanance Type
3) Plant Group -> New Module -> Primary Crusher
4) Plant Group -> New Module -> Secondary Crusher
5) Plant Group -> New Module -> Water Reading
6) Plant Group -> New Module -> Conveyor Log Sheet
7) Plant Group -> New Module -> Complain & Suggestion
8) Plant Group -> New Module -> Maintanance Log Sheet
9) New Dashboard Control -> Add New Carting Pending Invoice
10) Accounting Group -> New Report -> Day Book Report
11) Diesel & Vehicle Group -> New Report -> Diesel Out - Carting Wise Report
Version 8.11.0
1) Balance Sheet Bug Resolve
2) Cash Book Report Bug Resolve
3) Bank Report Bug Resolve
Version 8.10.0
1) Inventory Group -> New Module -> Purchase Indent
2) Inventory Group -> New Module -> Vendor Quotation
3) Inventory Group -> New Module -> Vendor PO
4) Inventory Group -> New Module -> Goods Receipt Note
5) DashBoard Control -> Add New Purchase Request
6) Sales Group -> Sales Report Lease Mapping Wise Display Data
Version 8.9.0
1) Quotation Group -> Create a Quotation for existing customer
-> If Quotation is final then Click on Approve Button then Approved the Quotation and that Rate apply for that customer
-> no need to enter customer wise rate and carting rate
-> Create Quotation for Material as well as Carting
Version 8.8.0
1) Purchase Group -> Hole Management for Blasting & Drilling
2) Carting Group -> Customer Carting Rate
3) Order Management - Add a Multiple Item
Version 8.7.0
1) Diesel & Vehicle Group -> Add Update Diesel Rate And Amount
2) Purchase Group -> Purchase Pages -> Add Lot No Field
3) Master Group -> Lease Master -> Add Bank Details ,Tin No, Tin Date, CST No & Date, Terms & Condition Lease Wise
4) Side Transfer Group -> Side Transfer Pages -> Add From Crusher Field
Version 8.6.0
1) Royalty Group -> Add F2 Form
2) Royalty Group -> Add Month Wise Summary Report
3) Accounting Group -> Billing Lease Mapping Wise
4) Carting Group -> New Module -> Carting Group
5) Carting Group -> Add Carting Detail Report Format2
6) Master Group -> New Module -> Auto Side Transfer
Version 8.5.0
1) Purchase Group -> New Module -> Blasting Rate
2) Purchase Group -> New Module -> Blasting And Drilling Master
3) Purchase Group -> Daily Blasting Report
4) Sales Group -> Time Difference Report
5) Sales Group -> Customer Site Wise Detail Report
6) Royalty Group -> Royalty Report Format 2
Version 8.4.0
1) Sales Group -> Add Customer Site Wise Detail Report
2) Royalty Group -> Add Royalty Report Format 2
3) Manual Bill -> Add Bulk Bill Print
4) Sales Group -> Add Material Slip No.
Version 8.3.0
1) Purchase Group -> Add Blasting And Drilling Module
2) Purchase Group -> Add Blasting Rate
3) Purchase Group -> Add Daily Blasting Report
Version 8.2.0
1) Add Expense Category in Bank Management
2) Balance Sheet Report Expense Category and Subcategory wise
3) New Dashboard Control -> Purchase Carting
4) Accounting Group -> New Module - Loader Bulk Billing
5) Accounting Group -> New Module - Crusher Bulk Billing
6) Diesel & Vehicle Group -> Diesel Detail Report - Update Diesel In Data From Popup On Bill No
Version 8.1.0
1) New Dashboard Control - Purchase Mines Stock Summary
2) Sales Group -> New Report - Sales Month Wise Summary
3) Sales Group -> New Report - Customer Rate Summary Report
Version 8.0.3
1) Sales Group -> New Module for Sale Entry - Auto Sales
2) Sales Group -> New Report - Loader Report Format 2
3) Purchase Group -> New Module for Purchase Entry - Auto Purchase
4) Purchase Group -> New Report - Purchase Loader Report
5) Purchase Group -> New Report - Crusher Report Format 2
6) Purchase Group -> New Report - Vehicle Statement Report
7) Purchase Group -> New Report - Mins Stock And Crushing Report
8) Inventory Group -> New Report - Store Inward Report Format 2
Version 8.0.2
1) Whenever you delete the any Bill it's maintain history on Audit Report (Report -> Audit Group)
Version 8.0.1
1) Purchase Out or Direct Purchase - Using Setting menu Admin can hide or set a default value of field
2) Quotation Module - We have add new module
3) Payment & Received base on Invoice or Voucher
4) Add new Report regarding Payment received agains which Bill
Version 8.0.0
1) New design compatible for iPhone, iPad and androids and other smartphones
2) Audit Report - History Maintain of Sales & Purchase Deleted Data
3) Store In - Add one more field regarding extra charges
4) Add Kilometer field in Customer wise site management
5) Purchase Summary Control - New Dashboard Control Added
6) Sale Out - No. of Print Copy setting - Setting -> Edit
7) Generate Bill - Print Multiple Bill at a time
8) Add Site in Order Management
9) Update Material Rate Report - Add new Report for Customer Wise Rate
10) Other new Report added